Happy New Year and Garnets

Happy New Year! What does that mean to you? A chance to party! Make resolutions! Will you keep them? break them?

A new year is a time to look at where you have been and where you would like to go? It is a time of beginnings, of celebrations, of new ideas, of implementing old ideas in new ways.

My proffessional thoughts about the new year: This year I look forward to celebrating the 10th anniversary of my first appraisal, of continuing to build my business, educate my clients and upgrade my service to them.

 In looking forward I find that I am thankful for organizations that have helped me in the past and continue into the new year. My love and fascination with gems and jewellery are fed by the Canadian Gemmological Association, Scottish Gemmological Association, Canadian Jewellers Association, Associaton of Independent Jewellery Valuers and Gemworld International. The help and information I receive from these organizations and their members   keep me informed and up to date with the gem field. Please visit their websites often. Go to www.karensappraisiing.com for links to all their sites.

Talking about fascinating  gems, the birthstone for January is garnet. Mostly thought of as a reddish brown colour and unexceptional it is in truth a complex series of gems in a variety of colours  From the traditional brownish red almandine garnet  to the purple red of pyrope garnet, the orange hessonite garnet and the green demantoid or Uvarovite garnet. There is also a colour change garnet and a star garnet. The colour change garnet  show  a wide variablitlity in colour behaviour from daylight to incandescent lighting but not much in blue hues, while the phenomena of a star shows up as a 4 ray and sometimes a 6 ray star if cut correctly.  The Victorian era is known for the jewellery  set with garnets. The lustre of garnet is high, termed vitreous and results in a gem that looks great in  low or bright light. It is also a gem whose varying degrees of hardness, 6.5-7.5 depending on variety, allow for  excellent wearing properties.  Garnets are one of the most abundent of gems and are found in many countries, Canada included. They are also one of the  indicator minerals used by geologists  in helping find diamonds.    Demantoid garnet from Quebec- photo used with permission courtesy of www.alpinegems.ca

Maybe one of your new ideas would be to rethink the way you look at garnets this year.

My wish for all in 2012 is that “We want what we need and receive what we want.”!  Happy New Year

As ever I am available for discussion or appraisals

Karen Howard FCGmA, RMV, CAP (CJA)                                                         KC Appraisals                                            www.karensappraising.com


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