Gemmology in Scotland in May

I have just returned from a trip to Scotland after attending the Scottish Gemmological Conference. This is a yearly conference in gemmology and one of my favourites as it blends the warmth and hospitality of the Scottish people with the gemmological information from the European point of view. This can sometimes be different from the approach on this side of the Atlantic. Thank you to all my friends in Scotland who always make me feel like I have come home.

There were interesting talks on Ivory, Colour Modification of Quartz and why it happens, What to look for at flea markets, garage sales and auctions (my favourite pastime). A talk about Suffrage Jewellery now has me interested in doing more reading and research into this area of jewellery-fascinating talk about jewellery in a very specific period of time about courageous women who wanted a say about their world.

The key note speaker was Professor H.A. Hani who is doing research and had some new things to discuss about pearls. As I always tell my students, the passing of your gemmology exams is the first step in gemmology not the last. Every conference I attend I learn new and fascinating facts about subjects that I thought I already knew!  Great field of work I am in.        .   Lochan  na Lairige, Scotland

For those of you who know me well, tramping through the hills looking for rocks is not the first picture that would pop into your mind of me, but on a cold (light) snowy misty typical day in the highlands this is where I could be found. An experience I will never forget! Thank you Brian and the rest of the Scottish gemmologists and rock hounds who were so patient with us newbies. If nothing else that scenery was worth it.

 This year after leaving Perth, my friend Anita and I finally made it to Glasgow. We have tried before but have always been rerouted by airlines or not had the ability to take the time away from work. An interesting couple of days, but Edinburgh would be my choice.   Central Railway Station, Glasgow.

One thing that fascinated me was the fact that the rail lines coming into the Central Railway station in Glasgow go above the road-all 13 or 16 (not sure which number it was).  An amazing sight. As this is the year for the Queen’s diamond jubilee as well as the Olympics in London, there are festivities and celebrations all this year in the British Isles so a great time to visit. Of course, I think any time is a good time!

 Have a great month and follow my website  for updated information about what I do and where I am. I am always ready to talk (as lots of people will tell you) about your jewellery and your concerns.


Karen Howard FCGmA, RMV, CAP(CJA)

KC Appraisals


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