June thoughts on Queen Elizabeth, jewels and life

It is the beginning of June as I sit here thinking about how half of the year is almost gone. Where did it go?  Will the second part of the year go as quickly? Will I enjoy it as much? Do other people think this way as they go through their life?  Do you take stock of what your life is about, where you have been and what you have accomplished? 

The Queen of England has been on the throne for 60 years (Diamond Jubilee-my gem connection this month) and I wonder if she contemplates all the changes she has seen, the people she has met, the family come and gone. You may say, so what-she is the Queen. How hard has it been?  But would you want to have been in her place? Not born to rule, she has nevertheless done it with dignity and grace for over half a century. She travels the world and at her age keeps a schedule that most of us would complain about. In my lifetime I don’t ever remember hearing I am sorry the Queen will not be here as scheduled, as she is ill. Can you imagine in 60 years not one sick day?? Think about it -60 years on the same job and knowing you have to do it until you die, whether people like you, hate you, love you, blame you it is your life.  I don’t envy her the lifestyle. 

I have been privileged to have been in London during one of the famous balcony days. After a long day in the hot sun at events in London and a slow car ride to the palace, waving and smiling to the thousands of people, the Queen and the royal family then stood on the balcony for the next hour during the rest of the festivities.  It is something I will always remember, along with the clothes and the jewels of the royal family.  They are always put together no matter how hot, how boring or how overwhelmed they are. 

The gems of Queen Elisabeth are some of the most beautiful and I am not discussing the Crown Jewels, but her personal ones.  Some have come down through her family, some have been gifts and if you get the chance this year to see them on display it would be worth your time to go.  I wish I was going to be back in the UK at a time of a showing, but that is not to be. from the internet.

The Diamond Jubilee is a year of celebration and so it should be. I wish all my British friends best wishes for this year of celebrations. You have the Queen, the Olympics, and a beautiful country to explore and enjoy.

So how is your year now looking after thinking about the Queen’s lifestyle?  Mine is looking pretty good.  I have friends in different parts of the world, I have great children, super grandchildren  and  a wonderful husband. My business gives me the opportunity to educate people about gems and jewellery. I get to look at stunning, interesting and different pieces of jewellery with people who share the story of that jewellery with me. I look forward to the rest of the year!


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