August, Summer, peridot

August is the last month of vacations before we start into our “back to school” mode.  The summer is going quickly and has remained record hot.  I hope you are enjoying your summer.

August is a busy month for me, but one filled with fun, family and work. Of course most of you know by now that my work is also a source of fun and enjoyment.  I have just completed teaching a course about Jewellery Appraising in Toronto, for the Canadian Gemmological Association and will be in Bancroft, Ontario for the long weekend and the annual Gemboree.  People sell everything from rough minerals to finished jewellery. A paradise for the eye!

I am also attending the Jewellery Trade Show, known as JCK Toronto, where I meet up with friends and renew connections in the jewellery trade.  A different kind of eye candy can be seen.   Coloured Gems and diamonds from the tiny to the large. Education seminars as well to help keep up to date with what is going on in the industry.

If you are an August baby then you have Peridot as your birthstone.  A beautiful yellowish green gem it can be found in many parts of the world including Canada.  This gem, of the olivine series of minerals, due to its birefringence when looked at has a doubling effect, seen through the crown facets when looking at the back or pavillion facets.   doubling of facets in peridot

Another characteristic when seen of peridot is the liquid filled inclusion which looks like a  ” lily pad” when seen under magnification. This popular gem is hard enough for use in everything from   earrings to rings. A popular stone along with the Demantoid Garnet, Peridot is found in jewellery from Victorian and Edwardian times.   King Edward liked the colour green.

Have a fun filled month with your friends and family. As always I am available by appointment for your jewellery concerns. You can book your appointment on my website. See this new feature at


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