September, Sapphires, fall, colours

September is a great time of year.  We think of  September as back to  school ,  fall,  but it is in truth still summer in Southern Ontario.  However,  driving in the country the last couple of days I notice the leaves are starting to turn from their green /brown of this summer colours to the yellow, golden, orange and red of fall..

This time of year reminds me of all the colours of the gems I look at in a year. The jewel tones that vibrate with intensity of their colour, nobody does it better than Mother Nature!

How lucky if you were born in September- you don’t have just one colour of birthstone you can have a whole rainbow of colours to choose from.  Sapphires which are a member of the Corrundum family come in many  different colours-just  like a rainbow.  They are also a very durable material with hardness being 9 on Mohs scale–anything above 7 being acceptable for wearing on a day to day basis.  That is not to say that Corrundum cannot be chipped but that  it generally wears well.  The different colours are arrived at by impurities that are found in the chemical formulae of colourless corrundum.  These different elements depending on how much, and how they are combined allow our eye to view different colours when we look at sapphire.  This happens in a lot of other gems as well. Any gem whose colouring element is not part of its integral chemical formulae may give differents colours in the same family. These stones are considered allochromatic and make up the bulk of the gemstones in the world. Gemstones that have the colouring agent as part of its chemical formulae are considered idiochromatic.

So if you are a September baby, don’t believe you have to have the gorgeous blue sapphire as your birthstone, if blue is not your colour.  You could go with another colour or you can have a star stone.  Yes Corrundum is a versatile gem in that some sapphires will show a star when cut correctly and others also will show a colour change when going from one kind of light to another.

So whether sapphire is your birthstone or just a stone that you like, you may want to take another look at all the varieties offered to you.

Remember some very famous people have worn them!.

Enjoy your month and all the colours of the fall!


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