Leaves, Gems, Colour, Mother Nature!

Mother Nature is amazing in her ability to inspire us humans. It constantly amazes me how she brings forth beauty when we need it most.

I am late for this blog as I was not sure what I wanted to write about.Some times I just start typing and the thoughts come forth in a free form way, but this blog was formed in part through my experience this past weekend.  I spent it with  a good friend in a car on a apprx 9 hour drive to Chicago, for a World of Gems III conference and then of course 9 hours back.  What I saw on that trip was a bountiful Mother Nature sharing her colours of green, yellow, orange and vibrant red in the bushes and trees as she gets us ready for winter.

The conference was no less inspiring.   A combination of people from 8 countries got together with  different languages, thoughts, ideas and yes accents ( didn’t know I had one) all meeting because they love and care about the industry they are in. It was a time of talking about gems, but it was also a time of renewing acquaintances and with the use of social media these days it was sometimes meeting a social media connection for the first time. It was also a time of meeting new people to add to your network of knowledge.

The topics varied: about diamonds, coloured diamonds, rubies, emeralds etc, what do we know here?what do they know there? how can we improve the industry? All because the people there cared enough to come and discuss.

I also care that my readers get information they can use or just enjoy so this month I want to discuss the modern birthstone of October which is tourmaline.  Inspired by Mother Nature and her display of colourful leaves made me think of tourmaline, as  the colour of tourmaline is abundant including bi-colour stones. Tourmaline is an isomorphous series of gem-meaning that the chemical formula changes when atoms interchange causing changes in colour and also slight variations in Refractive Indexes 1.62-1.66 and Specific Gravity3.01-3.11 with black 3.15-3.26. The crystal of tourmaline is long and narrow slightly triangular with striations going down the length of the crystal.

Tourmaline is usually cut in an emerald cut  shape to maximize the colour and weight in order to keep the value except for the bi-colour which are usually sliced across the end of the crystal. But any shape is found

asst tourmaline

The stone is fairly durable at 7-7 1/2 on Moh’s scale. The crystals of tourmaline can range from quite tiny to very large. Some areas they are found are Brazil, East Africa, Sri Lanka, USA and a few others.

watermelon tourmaline

If you are an October baby there is now no reason to get bored or dislike the colour of your birthstone!

Don’t forget look after your jewellery and it will keep you colourful for a long time. Enjoy the rest of the month!





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