November 2012-balancing your life

My blog this month is a little different tone. I usually try to do a blog that tells a bit of my thoughts and also about gems and jewellery.

This month I am going to talk about balance in life. It has been brought home to me very strongly and swiftly this month, with some personal issues, that we need to look at our life and decide what is most important. Some months it will be business (especially if you have your own) but sometimes even that takes a back seat to other more important things such as family.Remember to find balance-another kind of gem.- peace and tranquility

Balance in life-take a minute to look .

It strikes me as strange, that in some ways I had started to do this earlier, when I decided not to be put up for re-election on the Board of Directors of the Canadian Gemmological Association. My thought was that I wanted to devote a bit more time to my business and my family. Those people that know me well, know it was a hard decision. I don’t like leaving a job undone and I hadn’t felt like I was finished in my task, but it felt more right than wrong.  Of course, this didn’t mean I would disappear from the CGA-they can’t get rid of me that easily- but just I would be in the back seat more. This hasn’t changed, but my priorities  shifted even more dramatically than I thought when I made that decision.

I usually talk about the beauty of gems and jewellery and give you advice on different stones and what you can expect when you buy them, but this month I want you to reflect on the gems in your life, and what they really are to you. Are they stones? or are they people? Is it your job? Is it your family? Is your life in balance? or out of control?

With a couple of my gems!

We are heading into the Christmas season-a time of buying and endless shopping-important no doubt, to celebrate- but this year think about the people you are celebrating with. Are they your gems, the shining part of your life and celebrations or are the things you are buying becoming more important? Are the parties important? Are the people you are spending time with important or are they obligations?

One of my favourite sayings is “There is no such thing as too much bling” but maybe sometimes we need to dim the light to see what shines the most. May you find your balance this month before the rush of the holidays is upon you!

As always, I am still available and will gladly help you with your gem and jewellery needs and questions. If you need your “bling” appraised I will be happy and honoured to be of service.

Till next month

Regards Karen


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