Associations, Certifications and Love in February

It is almost the last day of January and I sit again to write to you.
It has been an extremely busy month for me, for which I am grateful. Sitting down to write this blog is on a day I feel caught up on all those little items that are always there for a person in business.

Last month I talked about the Canadian Gemmological Association as one of the organizations I belong to and promised to talk about some of the other associations, which are designated by the letters behind my name and the diplomas on my wall.

Let’s talk about the Master Valuer designation. A registered designation with an organization that instructs in how to research different areas within the Jewellery industry to obtain values . This designation is recognized world wide and offers a standard method of approaching the valuation of Jewellery within the industry. That is not to say that every appraiser will get exactly the same value but this teaches appraisers how to go about researching different types of appraisals that are needed for different circumstances, and why these different methods are needed. These circumstances are events such as Insurance, Divorce Settlement, Probate etc. It also talks to the Independent Appraiser and what is needed to get started in this field, what you will be expected to do, how should you do it, and what equipment will be needed to do it.
The Registered Master (RMV) was for me, one of the stepping stones to becoming an Acredited Appraiser Professional with the Canadian Jewellers Association AAP(CJA). This organization is a watchdog and advocate for the Jewellery Industry in Canada and thus are very particular about who is eligible for acceptance as an AAP(CJA). At my last count there were only apprx 70 of us across Canada. This organization gives tests to its appraisers, requires eye tests, proof of a proper working appraisal lab, and also proof that the appraiser is up to date with what is going on in the Jewellery Industry. A code of ethics signed by the Appraiser is also required. A good organization in the Canadian Jewellery Landscape.

Now to my favourite group of appraisers-the members of the Association of Independent Jewellery Valuers. This group of Independent Valuers or Appraisers of Jewellery are located around the world and I have found them to be the most giving and sharing group I have ever belonged to.

You need an answer–put forth the question and answers come rolling in. Maybe it is just another idea of how to get the answer, or maybe it is an idea to help your business grow or perhaps some photos to help with a talk or teaching of a class that you are doing. What ever, as an appraiser you need, they are there.

The benefit for the customer is not just one opinion but when needed the expertise and opinion of a group of proffesionals around the world. If an appraiser needs help with Argyle pink diamonds-ask the Australian members, a hallmark from Europe–the friends from across the “pond” are sure to help. Whatever the issue, someone is there to try to help you find the correct answer for the client. Go to the website and find one in your area for your Jewellery Appraisal requirements.

What about the other part of my title-Love! Well it is February and I could talk about Valentines day and hearts and the colour red but that would be very predictable.valentine

Instead I want to say that I love what I do, the clients I meet and the people I associate with whether in person or through email.
My clients and their stories of the gems and where they came from, the stories of the family that gave the jewellery to them or how and where they were proposed to makes me feel honoured.
I hope one day you will honour me as well.
I am, as always, available for questions and comments.
Karen Howard FCGmA, RMV, AAP(CJA)


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