Snow, Heat, Flood, Insurance and Appraising

Nightmare in January!

It is January 2014—wow what a start to the New Year. In Canada and parts of the USA we are having extremely cold, icy, snowy weather-even for us, with wind chills reaching -40C. My colleagues in Australia are suffering in the heat and humidity +40C and Britain is suffering from flooding in areas. Happy New Year all!!!!koala-cools-off-australia-heat-wave

Why should we care about this? All this weather has made me thoughtful and re- look at insurance again. Am I covered if my neighbour’s tree breaks from the ice and falls into my house? Am I covered for somebody falling on the ice that even the salt can’t melt on my sidewalk and porch? What if my pipes freeze and burst?  Ok you get the picture right… beware and be prepared!

The same should apply to insurance for your jewellery.  Have you checked it recently with your agent? Are you properly covered against loss or theft?  Have you altered your jewellery, added a new piece at Christmas (lucky you)?  Do you adjust your insurance to reflect these changes? Does your insurance need to be adjusted? How do you know?

The people that you should talk to about these questions are of course your insurance company, possibly your local jewellery retailer but most assuredly your independent jewellery appraiser. Find your jewellery appraiser by going online to the Association of Independent Jewellery Valuers website to find someone in your country and locality.

What if—that tree comes crashing down through your bedroom in the next winter storm, and while your digging out the snow and sludge and mess, tossing what can’t be salvaged into garbage bags, your diamond falls out of the setting and you don’t notice until later after garbage man has come and gone?20131222_105115

Or maybe it is Australia and you are suffering from the heat and humidity so you head for the water, surf and sand.   Oh, oh, get back home and where is my opal (I know you wouldn’t have worn it to the beach, but humour me—its cold here). What do you do?

Would your insurance company accept your description of the diamond(or opal)  and its value? Would a jeweller know what to replace it with given your description?  The role of the jewellery appraiser is preventative, helpful and knowledgeable.  We are the people to go to  before it happens and also sometimes after it happens. As Independent  jewellery appraisers,  we are not the people who will sell you the replacement stone or item, we are not the people you pay for the insurance on those items, we are not the ones you fight with to get what you believe is due you. We are the people you look upon to give the most accurate description in case of: insurance issues, death and tax issues, divorce issues.

We love what we do! We talk about it, educate about it and are as thorough in our research as possible to give you the most accurate appraisal you can get with description, photo and value included.

So stay warm or cool off or stay dry, but wherever you live, keep yourself prepared and safe for the upcoming year.  th photo:daily mail uk


Karen Howard FCGmA, RMV, CAP(CJA), AIJV


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