Summer thoughts, jewellery appraising and aging

That is quite the combination in my title isn’t it?  Thoughts, appraising and aging–what could they have in common.

Does it tell you I have been doing a lot of thinking about life recently? It should.  What have I been contemplating is something everyone does periodically,  especially those who run their own business or those of us who are getting older.  Yes it happens to all of us eventually.

As we approach Canada day ( for those of you out of country that is July 1) and another birthday for Canada, c flag

I find myself thinking about my youngest child whose birthday is in July as well. She is heading off to University,  with the life she will lead spread before her, not knowing what or where the paths will lead.

It makes me reflect on where I have been and what I thought life would be like at my age now- back when I was her age.  I must admit it does not look like what I thought it would.  Some parts are much better-4 kids, 8 grandchildren–I couldn’t have imagined that, my own business-I didn’t know about gemmology back then, a husband of over 30 years–fyi more than half my life with him.

But I still struggle with other parts. I love what I do but as I age the eyes go and what will I do  then? I love the people and their stories about their jewellery and family and would miss that–can I incorporate that into my future?  What do I want to do now with no children to speak of at home and the whole world to choose from? Do I have the courage to grab something new or related to my passion with gems? What will it be or should it be? Can I travel with it? I love to talk and educate–maybe that direction?

I love to travel and I am truly blessed with the people in my industry,  whom I have met and  whom I can call friends, from every corner of the world. They have added another dimension to my life I would not have  thought of.  I have made it to my ancestors land of Scotland on more than one occasion( even once was my dream)  and feel at home there     Monday rockhounding lachan na lairigne  rock collecting in Lachan-na-Lairigne Scotland

I have also been in every province in Canada and to the Caribbean, and the USA of course. I love all of it. But there is still a lot of world to see and life to live.  How to do that with meaning, fun and passion is what I am struggling with now.

The answer does not have to be today thank goodness because this will evolve and change just as the last ******years has evolved and changed.

The things that I know will be constant in my life are family, friends and gems,  but how they are in my life may change and  I think that this is the way life is suppose to be.  I wish you well with your evolving life.

For now I am still appraising and enjoying my clients and their talk of gems and jewellery and how they got engaged. It is nice to be allowed to glimpse that little bit of their life and I thank them for it.

May your summer be filled with sun and fun. If you are in Bancroft at the beginning of August for the Gem boree, look for the Canadian Gemmological Booth–you may find me there during part of the weekend.  Told you!  I  can’t stay away from the Gems…asst tourmalines


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