August, gems, opening doors

It is the beginning of August and I have  been busy looking at gems. Did you make the Gemboree at Bancroft? I had a quick overnight stay, helped a bit at the Canadian Gemmological Booth, talked to some members, had a wonderful look around and yes I bought some gems-uncut still on host rock.  A little different than what I look at when I appraise..bacroft

I will soon be going to the JCK trade show (Toronto)  which will mean a different way of looking at gems–finished jewellery and some facetted stones but not minerals. I like the JCK show because I connect with people in the trade-find out how are things going? what is new? who is new? who is back? reconnect with friends and colleagues.

I am embarking on some new teaching. Although I have been teaching gemmology for a long time, with the Canadian Gemmological Association, I am now doing some of my own talks and classes about gems through the Continuing Education system in Guelph. It is something I am working hard on this summer and hope that it is well received. I love to talk about gems and help people understand the terms and terminology that is used in the Jewellery industry. Classes start in the fall.

The teaching will not interfere with my main occupation-that of appraising but I believe it will compliment it well. I still love to talk to clients when they bring their items to me and this summer it has been busy.  I have met some wonderful people with all sorts of stories about their jewellery and their lives-I am truly blessed to have them come to me with their special treasures.

My youngest daughter has been moved so that she will be ready for University next month and I am now looking at options for what I will continue to do–hence looking for opening doors. I am ready to step through some new ones–when I find them.

I will be getting back to my earlier style of blog with more gem information this fall. I hope the balance of your summer is an extraordinary one.


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