Gems, Christmas , Put one foot in front of other!

Sometimes as I sit to write my blog the hardest part can be the title.  I may not always know what I want to say until I start to type and therefore the title comes last after I am done. Do you sometimes feel that way about your life? You are not sure where you are going but put one foot in front of the other while at other times you plan every detail.

I feel a bit of a loss this year for the holidays coming up. Christmas was always a very busy time, when my kids were small and now the question is -do I even put up a tree. The family seems to be  going in every direction. I love the season of Christmas, and although I am not into the commercialization, I do love the spirit that seems to come from this time of the year. The feel good movies, (even though some can get sickly sweet), the songs, the lights which sparkle so much, the friends and neighbours. But this year, it will not be a year of planning but just putting one foot in front of the other.                                                                     christmas-tree-wallpaper-iphone-hd-hdwallpc_Christmas-Tree-Wallpaper-Iphone-HD

So did you catch it in the last paragraph? The sparkle? I can’t seem to go without the sparkle can I?  So lets talk a bit about  your jewellery and gems. It is the time of parties and fun and snow, or maybe sand . Do you know how to look after your jewellery? Are you protected against loss or theft? Are you insured? Have you had your jewellery checked against wear? All of these things should be looked at to protect yourself and ensure your season is  a happy one.

Did you know that opals do not like going from extreme cold to warmth so be careful of them when the temperature drops outside.  You are wearing gloves, hats and scarves-beware of catching and breaking claws on your rings putting on and off the gloves. You may need to watch that you are not catching your clasp of your necklace and losing it when taking of your scarf. You could also lose an earring with a scarf or hat. What do you do if that happens? An appraisal can help in a lot of ways.                                                                                    prod_jewellery

The details that a good appraisal has on it will give you great description  for a lost item or to replace the item. If a piece has great sentimental value to you, it may be worth the cost of a good appraisal to have the details that the police can pass on to pawn shops and jewellery stores in the event of loss or theft.  Of course,  jewellery items that are of great dollar value to people  are usually the items that people will have appraised and that is good.  So remember have your appraisal done first and have your jewellery checked for needed repairs by the appraiser or your local jeweller.

I  had a busy November not only with clients,  but also with the volunteer and teaching I do with the Canadian Gemmological Association. I was pleased to be a part of bringing Dr Cigdem Lule back  to Toronto where she presented the workshops about : Corrundum treatments and pricing, Pearls treatments and pricing and Emeralds treatments and pricing in a co-operative effort with Gemworld International. Thank you to  Cigdem  and Richard Drucker for enabling those two days to happen.  I was thrilled to be able to actually do the two workshops I had not previously done. I then unexpectedly presented a 5 hour lecture on “Talking Diamonds” for the CGA.

I then went  being able to show and look at the magnificent jewellery at the Dupuis Jewellery Auction that was held in Toronto in November. That is always a privilege and one I  enjoy. December is looking to be steady but not crazy busy-a month to enjoy. I look forward to hearing from you and looking after any of your jewellery questions.

Have a great month , a Merry Christmas and Happy Holidays!  christmas-puppy-l


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