New Years, Reach your Goals

A clean slate. A clean piece of paper. A start to the new year


Is this a daunting task for you-looking forward to a new year or looking to write a new blog, start a new adventure? It can be a scary time, a lonely time but also a time of quiet and inner reflection.  I choose to make it an adventure. Make some goals, not resolutions but goals. The reason I say these are different is that I don’t think I need to dive in and accomplish all at once. With all the hype at New Years for resolutions, I feel that is pressure .

My goals are things that I want or hope to do, accomplish or see. They may change as the year goes on and life evolves in ways I don’t foresee at the beginning of the year.That is ok, it is a goal not my whole life                                                                               .


If I put it in print, will it happen? Not necessarily but if Iwrite it out and put it  somewhere that I see, it is a reminder to work towards the goals.

If I didn’t meet all my goals last year,  it is another year to see if I still want to work towards them.  Maybe life changed and my goals changed with it. That is ok too. Did your goals change when you look back?

As I said in last month’s blog sometimes it is just about putting one foot in front of the other and keep moving. The path may wind and turn, go up and down but as long as you keep moving  you can achieve.  I am blessed that I have achieved so much of things I dreamed of and also of things I  didn’t even know of when I was young. I didn’t know to set these dreams as my goals. I am extremely grateful for the people I have met along the way and those who have helped me with my goals. I hope that I have given that help to others along their journey.

One of my short term goals is to finish  reading the book The French Blue.  You can expect to see something about that in a future blog. This month I may be in Toronto a fair amount doing some things with the Canadian Gemmological Association and helping it reach new goals. I am looking forward to our January  speaker Jon Phillips of Corona Diamonds who will give a talk about diamonds on January 21. Always a treat.

i will be doing appraising of course and look forward to the coming year, the return of previous clients and the meeting of new clients and the stories of their jewellery and their lives. What a privilege to be given. I hope we can meet in the coming year.



Karen Howard FCGmA, RMV, CAP(CJA), AIJV

KC Appraisals


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