Acrostic Jewellery and hidden meanings

Do you know the meaning of Acrostic Jewellery? Have you heard of it before? What about the Regard ring? The Regard ring was the first type of Acrostic Jewellery I heard about but there are many forms of this type of jewellery.The Regard ring was also one of the most popular of this style of jewellery and therefore seen more frequently.

Acrostic means that the first letter of a word or sentence or paragraph spells out  a word. So in jewellery we look at the first letter in the name of the gemstone to see what it spells.   regard  Ruby, emerald, garnet, amethyst, ruby, diamond

We look at this today and assume a family ring but this style of design was very popular in the 19th century as a sentimental piece.

I hold you in regard  regard 2 in this instance it is not in a straight line but  the sentiment is there, as is the word regard spelled out in the flower.But what about different types of Acrostic jewellery?

Spell a name: Anita: Amethyst, Nephrite Jade, Iolite, Tourmaline, Amethyst.

Of course stone names may be slightly different now then when this type of jewellery was popular which can make for a very difficult time in deciphering what was meant. One such stone is the gem we call hessonite garnet-it was referred to as vermeil in older times.  The other thing that may affect how to figure out the puzzle is something like diamond  may be read as Brilliant Diamond or Rose Diamond. Another problem is a different language.

This type of jewellery could also be used in political instance and not sentimental at all. So in fact you are supporting something or someone but don’t say it straight out , your jewellery can say it for you. Could all coloured stone  jewellery be acrostic? be intended to spell out something? Maybe, but what if it was a secret message of love or political affiliation meant only to be known to the wearer or a secret group.  Their secrets may be safe for a long time as we may not even realize that we are looking at a secret message.

So maybe this has inspired you to not necessarily go for that charm that represents an event in your life but come up with your own acrostic message. Maybe a love note to your wife, girlfriend, daughter, son etc It does not even have to be a ring but could be a brooch or bracelet or pendant.

love                             brooch

The next time you look at jewellery is it saying I am beautiful (of course all jewellery says that)  or is there a secret hidden meaning.

I want to thank Dr. Jack Ogden of Britain  for an article he wrote about this subject  in The Jeweller which I referenced when putting together this blog.


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