Gems, Conferences and friends

I am so blessed in my life. I enjoy what I do for a living and have great family and friends. I have been privileged to see other parts of the world and meet fascinating, intelligent people- a lot of whom I now call friends.
Like anything in life you have to work hard to progress. I have worked and studied a lot and continue to do so. I want to give my clients the best possible service I can with knowledge that is up to date. The jewellery industry is ever changing and if you want to be helpful for people it is important to know where to go for answers.
As I write this article a lot of my friends are getting on planes and heading for Scotland for a wonderful gemmological conference that is being held this weekend. piper_silAlthough I am not there in body my thoughts are there with my friends and colleagues. The conferences, that are held around the world in gemmology  are amazing weekends. The lectures are given by some of  the top minds in their fields discussing all aspects of things that are going on in the gemmmology and jewellery industry. Conferences are also great times for meeting people in a bit more relaxed setting and forging friendships that can continue on with  modern technology.
I know people complain about modern technology but if used wisely,  it can be a great tool. I love that I can make contact with colleagues and friends in all corners of the world. I can be a small part of their life and they are a part of mine. Of course I would much rather be face to face but sometimes that is not possible.

Technology can also be helpful to the Independent appraiser as it gives us a whole team of like minded appraisers around the world to draw on for  some help and sometimes just confirmation when needed. I appreciate the Association of Independent Jewellery Valuers for their unstinting giving of their knowledge in helping each other.

As you may be able to tell I am a bit nostalgic while I write this,  wishing I could see some of my friends this weekend in Scotland, but I am comforted in knowing that the  new information will reach me in a number of different ways and that I will see my friends at a future date if not in person, than on Facebook, Twitter, Instagram or Linked in. Or maybe just a quick email saying hi.

Clients use technology to learn about gems and buy jewellery, but I find they usually come to me to be sure that what they bought is what they think they bought. Beware of what you read, use technology wisely and if you have questions, I am as always, available to help!

Have a great month



2 thoughts on “Gems, Conferences and friends

  1. Have a lovely weekend – you will be sorely missed at the conference but the updates and photos will be flying out of Peebles in a virtual fashion 🙂

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