Artistry in Nature, Gems and Man

The last couple of articles in this blog, I have been focusing about issues which are a concern to both the consumer and the the jewellery/gemmology industry.They are important to me, but this time let me focus on pleasant parts of the jewellery industry and I will remember why  I am a gemmologist.

Who doesn’t love bling?  Ok, ok I know there are some people who do not wear a lot of jewellery but they can still appreciate the artistry it takes to create some of the incredible jewellery we see.

Think of gems-they are truly wondrous creations of the earth. From the incredible pressure exerted by the planet to create a diamond out of carbon to the beautiful nacre of the pearl found in the mollusc, we are witness to truly magnificent creations.

Diamond crystal from Ontario Victor diamond mine!
Diamond crystal from Ontario Victor diamond mine!

The faceters or gem cutters then enrich the beauty even more by cutting  these stones into shapes that will enhance the colour, or maybe the reflection of light,  to make it even more wondrous to our eye.These are what we consider to be gemstones. You know those incredible gems that are durable, rare, beautiful and can be fashioned into stones for wearing. The gemstones can than be used for incredibly designed works of art which we as humans use to adorn ourselves.  Why do we do this? There are many reasons-wanting to be more attractive, feel more attractive, status, define ourselves, express feelings and emotions for someone or something.  They are also now portable wealth.

I was extremely privileged to see some of these incredible works of wearable art in June at the Dupuis Fine Jewellery Auction in Toronto.20150611_103512_resized  One of the beautiful items I saw was this gorgeous Columbian Emerald Ring which had the most stunning colour. Another was the Conch pearl and diamond tiara from the 1800s. Emerald seem to be my thing this auction but……diamonds are a girls best friend and this necklace could easily be mine. Spectacular! diamond and emerald necklace

So I guess I am back to why I am a gemmologist. I simply love looking at gems and not just the ones created for jewellery but the little known ones and the world inside gems is a world all  to  itself. It is a world we are still exploring and when the business side, the political side and the troubles within the gemmology and jewellery industry get me down I think about the beautiful creations and remember why I love what I do!

Join me and start looking at gems and jewellery in a whole new way! Till next month.



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