September blues?? or Is it?

Where did the summer go? A beautiful summer in Southern Ontario, not a lot of humid hot days, not a lot of rain days in a row. Toronto Blue Jays baseball team is winning more games than losing. A good summer.

I have been doing a lot of different things this summer not just appraising but hope to get back to looking after that part of my business this fall.  I have enjoyed spending some time with my youngest daughter who amazes me  with her willingness to take chances and it is a privilege to watch her spread and her wings and start to fly.virginia

My youngest girl on the red carpet in New York after an International talent and modelling competition.

I also am blessed with an older daughter who lives quite a distance away and we don’t see each other as much but talk at least every other week. Then my two boys(well men now) and I watch as they struggle with life and learn what is important. I too struggle as I watch my  elderly Mom who is losing her mobility. She is struggling with the loss of independence and I struggle with how to help her transition to a different part of her life–Yes i am definitely part of the sandwich generation but that is ok.

I have been doing a lot of estate valuations this year and that is because of the new legislature that came into Ontario at the beginning of 2015.  The legislation instructs an executor “…that if they claim a value on anything in an estate, then they must be able to back up that value in some way”.  This has seen an increase in my valuing jewellery for probate. I must admit I love this part of my job-I love the stories that have been passed down, even if I have to prove them false, I love all the types of jewellery I see even the costume as it all has a style of its own. I appreciate the confidence and trust that people have in me,  to leave this jewellery with me,  while I sort and value for them.  To this end,  I have spent time over the summer creating a new way of presenting appraisals for my clients so that it is easy to understand,read, value and  is bound all in one document for them.   Just part of my commitment to my clients.

I also have been working on some new course preparation for teaching–another part of my passion in jewellery and gemmology is teaching, talking what ever you want to call it.

So is September going to be blue?  Well maybe if you were born in September as Sapphire is the stone of the month.  Woaa wait a minute! Did you know that sapphire comes in many colours? It is part of the corrundum family along with the red stone called ruby.coloured sapphire  So maybe not so blue after all. And if you are a Mom with kids ready to back to school. Not blue at all.  Of course not all kids will agree with that.

Have a great month!



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