October, conferences, fall, jewels, friends

It is October and I  look forward to this time of the year.

I will be travelling to Vancouver in the middle of the month for the CGA  Gem Conference 2015. As I have been helping with the conference  by posting announcements and information on social media and emails to our members, I feel like I have been working  towards this event  for  a long time.

I love gem conferences. It is a time where we  assimilate  a lot of new and not so new information into a very short time frame and endeavour to  remember it down the road. This is also a time when the CGA welcome graduates as new Fellows into our organization.goals  For some students this is their start up the stairs of their career. How exciting for them!

The other part of a conference, for me, are the people I have met previously and now call friends. I will get to catch up with them and also become acquainted with people I haven’t met before.

The fall to me is a wondrous time. I love the changing colour of the leaves in Southern Ontario. They look like jewels in the trees. All colours, vibrant and stylish. It is great to be able to  get out walking and after a long summer spent flat on my back it was great to get the go ahead to walk for the joy of walking again. Perfect timing to go walking along the river close to my home.riverside                                             The birth stone for October is Opal and although not all would agree, it is very much to my mind a fall stone. Think about all the colours you can see in a crystal opal-red, green, blue, orange in varying colours and flashes much like the world as it changes seasons at this time.

Last month was a fun but busy one with getting my younger daughter settled back into Toronto again, and going with a good friend to see not one but two TV shows. And yes we got on the TV both times- such fun and now I can say I am a TV personality–ha ha.

This is also the start of change in my life. I am now officially an empty nester- for  the first time in 33 years of marriage there are no kids (ours or foster kids)  living in the house, empty but  for my husband and I  (oops sorry and  Mooka the cat). Will my revolving door stay closed? Only time will tell.

For me, this means I will be hopefully spreading my wings a bit more and embracing things I have always wanted to do, but either didn’t have the time or believed (and still do ) that my family should be first. I am lucky that my husband is understanding of my need to do more,  not less,  at this time in my life and as always super understanding that yet again,  I will not spend our wedding anniversary with him later this month. So happy anniversary hubby in advance.

So enjoy your month and remember don’t leave your jewellery too long before you have them appraised. A well documented description of your jewellery may be  of tremendous value  for you when you least expect it. Please also remember the flexibility of days and time can be done when you are dealing  with KC Appraisals.

Have a great month and enjoy this gem of a month.



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