Gemmology and life-Finding a balance

Interesting title don’t you think!

I thought about this a lot the last month when I was alternating between family stress and work. Life is about balance and usually everyone says find your balance between the two. Sounds great right, but what is balance? Have you ever thought that it may not be a balance on a day to day basis but a balance over the course of the month or the year.  For the last few months I have been trying to maintain a balance over some work in Toronto and my own work in Guelph. Add in husband, kids and an aging Mom and life gets out of balance. You feel that you are being pulled in every direction.

I found my mental equilibrium by realizing that balance is not  always even but varies from time to time–sometimes my family will need me a lot and my focus will go that way and I will pull back from business a bit and sometimes I realize that my business is actually more diversified than I realize. It is not just appraising but the knowledge I have to offer in a variety of areas to the younger generation working their way through the paths I have travelled. This is ok with me. I am glad there  are younger people coming behind me that hopefully one day will be glad to have met me and maybe had a coffee with me. Like I got to do this month in Vancouver.

I was privileged to spend time this month with  someone I admire greatly in the gemmological field, Mr. Alan Hodgkinson who is the author of Gem Testing Techniques.alan and Karen

Almost everyone in my field of study has heard him speak at some time in their career,  if they are diligent in staying updated in this field,  as he is and has been a world renowned speaker for many years.

I noon Capilanno bridget only got to have dinner with him but we had a day of play as well- at the Capilano bridge in Vancouver with another good friend Anita Beardwood. How privileged and special I felt.

But even at this conference, where I had preconceived ideas of what I would do, I was pulled in different directions and not always where I thought I would be.  This was not a bad thing but not always what I had anticipated and again I had to strive to balance my weekend.

However, as the main focus of the weekend in Vancouver was work related , I am happy to report that I met new people in the gem field, and caught up with old and dear friends.  It was a time of learning or maybe just hearing things I knew,  but that was reminding me that I do endeavour to keep up with what is going on in my chosen business.

I have one more photo for you. It is from a group I have mentioned before  because I respect the people associated with it. I give thanks that I have been allowed to be a part of -The Association of Independent jewellery Valuers(AIJV)   AIJV-CGA conference

Just a few members who made it to Canada from this world wide organization-Richard Drucker, myself, Stuart Robertson, Ted Irwin.

So when you are looking for appraisals,  before you wear your jewellery to those  Christmas parties next month, make sure you ask questions of your appraiser–are they keeping up to date, do they have contacts, if needed, to help verify a makers mark, a synthetic stone or just  help determine the most accurate value for a piece of unique jewellery.I do and for this I am extremely thankful to my friends and colleagues.

Remember that life is a journey filled with ups and downs but you can always find joy   When you are feeling stress and pulled in different directions, think about  how blessed you are and take the time, like I did this month to play,  with someone you like and respect. Perspective and equilibrium will return.

One area, I can always help with is the appraisal of your jewellery. Protect yourself with an accurate  detailed description of your jewellery which in turn helps the insurance company accurately protect your precious items. This is one item you do not have to stress over!


KC Appraisals                                                                                                       


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