Communities, Gems, Happy Holidays

What is a community?                       together-we-can

When thinking about what to write this month, I mentioned this dilemma to my 23 year old son. He said you need to talk about looking after kids even if they are not your own. He had seen a woman walking her dog  along the street, stop and redirect a young child who was playing in the snow and  running towards the street back towards their yard, and then she continued to  keep on walking her dog.

This got me thinking about what we think of as a community? When do we stop and help each other? Do we need to be acknowledged when we help? When did this change from being the normal?

So what is a community to me? I have many different communities. The one that is sometimes the hardest to understand is the World as a community and all the tragic that is going on in it right now. This is just after the horrific events in Paris and I am still trying to wrap my head around the senseless loss of life. Can I help that situation-by acknowledging that it exists and working on my own prejudices that creep in when I least expect? Where did they come from? How did I learn them? How do I work to get rid of them?world of peaceI  also have the communities of  my country, my extended family, my city, my neighbourhood. The large communities are made smaller today with modern technology. Will it be a better place is we all put out positive messages? I believe so! I am blessed in my neighbourhood- we do have the people that stop and redirect a young child from harm. If we all did that would we have war and violence or would they get what they need from the people around them?

I am also blessed with my work community-and even with that I have communities within communities.  The community of Gemmology is world wide but also with the CGA can be a national community or even a more local SW Ontario community. I find this a very giving group with its members sharing  knowledge and lending a helping hand.images

So where are your communities? How can you make your communities better?I will strive in the upcoming holiday season to remember that others in my communities are not as fortunate and hope I can make a difference. How about you?

As you go about your life remember we all have our own journeys but we touch a lot of people on the road  we take,  so make sure you enjoy the scenery  and lend a hand as you go.winter scene

Have a wonderful month! During this busy season I am available to help with your appraisals.  I do love the sparkle, in all forms, of the holiday season!




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