Relate spring to gems and colour!

March is a time of slipping into spring. There is a hint of colour starting and a hint of warmth as well.  It is a promise of what is to come.

The colours are starting to show both in vibrant and in pale colours. When I think of this time and the birthstone of March, I think how appropriate that it is Aquamarine. That beautiful slightly pale greenish blue shade of gems. Like the lakes at the beginning of Spring before the warmth of the blue sky is reflected into the water intensifying the colour.aquamarine-raw.jpg.adapt.945.1                                       aqua crystal

Aquamarine is a member of the Beryl family, a softer relative of the dynamic blue green  Emerald. This species of gems also produces the lovely pink Morganite, the yellow Helidor and Golden Beryl. Bixbite is also part of this family but that red gem is quite rare. Trace elements in the formula of Be3Al2SiO6 are the cause of the different colours in this family. Unfortunately,  Beryl can be quite brittle and thus needs to be protected by the setting when using in jewellery.

Aquamarine jewellery can produce incredible pieces of jewellery as shown in the  pieces in Queen Elizabeth’s collection .In 1953,  former President and Brazilians gifted a set of aquamarine necklace and earrings to Queen Elizabeth. It is interesting to note that  the process to source these matching gemstones took more than a year. Her awe inspiring jewellery was made by Mappin & Webb, Rio de Janeiro. Later, Queen Elizabeth altered its design and made the pendant drop detachable and surrounded by halo forever brilliant diamonds.Queen-Elizabeth-II-Aquamarine-JewelryThe tiara was made at a later time and commissioned by the queen herself.






I hope that your March is a promise of good things to come this year. Enjoy the beautiful Aquamarine if March is your birthstone, and even if it isn’t. It is a wonderful gem full of life and hidden depths. Enjoy the hidden depths too, of the gardens as they start to bloom and the leaves as they start to bud. The hidden depths unfold and give us grandeur in unforeseen ways.


Until next time

Karen                                                                                              KC Appraisals                                            





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