The sparkle of April 2016

Why do I call this the sparkle of April?  Well,  if you live in Southern Ontario ,  the end of March has been an icy affair and while annoying and somewhat disastrous to some trees and the loss of power in some areas, it was really pretty with the sparkle on the trees for a few days.20160325_132848  icy trees, grass, roofs

Another reason to call it The sparkle of April is its birthstone of diamond.  Diamond comes in a variety of colours but the one that comes to mind first is the colourless diamond. When cut properly the brilliance of diamond  is an incredible sight.  It is why we love diamonds so much.  That rainbow effect of light being refracted and reflected from a well cut diamond  is why “there is no such thing as too much bling”.

Everyone talks about the 4 c’s of diamonds and cut is one of those along with clarity, colour ( or the hints of colour) and carat (weight). These are the characteristics of diamonds that you should become familiar with before buying diamonds.  Some people will tell you cut is most important, some will say better clarity or bigger carat weight and what about the best colour.  I advise you to learn what you can from somewhere,   like  a one day course in Toronto “Talking Diamonds” at the Canadian Gemmological Association. Then decide what is  the most important of these qualities to you and then look at the 5th “C” . Cost -what can you afford?  diamonds

Although I love diamond, I am not someone that needs or can wear a big gem, so for me I look for the best cut that gives lots of sparkle whether in small diamonds in my ears or the diamond on my finger. The diamond on my finger is extra special to me because it is Canadian as are the other gemstones in my ring.  This may also be important to you- that you know where your diamond comes from. Did you know that Canada is the 3rd largest producer of diamonds in the world?

What else will sparkle in April?  Well,  probably some raindrops will fall creating their own patterns of rainbows . As for me,  I could be very busy teaching in April for the CGA in Toronto from Talking Diamonds, to Gem Appreciation to Diamond Grading courses -all are being offered in April. So contact the CGA if you are interested in any of these courses.

I also am looking forward to the sparkle of the stage lights when I go to watch my youngest daughter in a college dance  performance in Toronto as she finishes up her studies at George Brown College. A very warm and generous young woman of whom I am very proud, so when I say she sparkles she must–right?

Then at the end of April,  I am off to Scotland for the first time in quite a few years to the annual Scottish  Gemmological Conference. I am very much looking forward to it as a warm welcome is always given at this conference.  I also will be catching up with great friends and  have the opportunity of hearing wonderful speakers. Always a sparkling good time in one of my favourite places in world.Edinburgh castle Edinburgh, Scotland

And of course amongst all this I will still be available to do your appraisals!

I hope your April is a sparkle of a month.


Karen                                                                                                                                                                 KC Appraisals                                                                                                           



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