Reflections and Gems of 2016

I realized I have not done much blogging the last half of 2016 and for my loyal followers I apologize. There is always a time when you must decide where your priorities lie and for me it was with family this fall.  It has been a stressful time with both a husband and mother having surgery-both recovering nicely I am pleased to say.motivation

This had me reflecting on the last year, from both a personal and professional level and it has been a successful year for me, on all fronts.  Of course I have  bad times, but I can only recount the things that have stood out for me this past year as mostly good and happy times. Like a lot of people in my industry I  find my work overflows into the private life since I wouldn’t be in the gemmology and jewellery industry if I didn’t love the work.  That leads me to have working holidays.

Working holidays, for me, is time out of my office listening to other people talk about what they are doing in the gem industry such as conferences. I add a few days of sight seeing time and wham I have the most amazing holiday.Edinburgh castle   I found myself in Scotland, unplanned till the last minute, for the Scottish Gem conference (always a favourite of mine) in April and was made to feel like a special person by the reception I recieved.  I also spent some time in Chicago this summer, invited by good friends and my time there stands out as one of the best of the year.  A sad time was saying goodbye to a good friend as she went on an adventure of her own for the next year in another country but we of course are still in touch.

Amongst all of this,  I have been busy appraising and I have expanded my teaching through the Canadian Gemmological Association to include instructor of The Master Valuer Appraisal Program.  Passing on the knowledge I have acquired is a pleasure for me (yes it is work and takes some planning to make it interesting to the students) bsloganut it is how I can give back in a small way to both an Association and Industry that is given me so much.  There is so much I feel I am still learning, but I was told once by a  gemmologist whom I respect,  that there are people out there who don’t know as much as I and that by sharing of my knowledge and my enthusiasim with them,  I may help dispell some misconceptions about gems.  I have found he was correct and give thanks to him for the encouragment he gave me and continues to give me.

coloured sapphire  So what gems do I have for you this month?  Pick one-diamond, emerald, turquoise, sapphire, ruby, tanzanite, peridot etc etc.   It doesn’t matter which one you like or whether you like more than one.  It doesn’t matter if you like them in jewellery or on a shelf. Enjoy the beauty that nature provides in what ever way suits you best. Mainly remember that not all gems are minerals or rocks but are moments in time that when you think back , those moments sparkle.

I hope that 2017 brings you lots of gem moments!



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