Gems, 2017, World conflict.

” Another day goes by and still the children cry :put a little love in your heart” Words from a well known song but we could paraphrase to another year goes by and we are still waiting for peace in the world.

This year, I  found this was brought home even more for me, as I have friends whose families are in the areas of fighting and terror. I believe, we in the western world, sometimes think -so why not just pack up and move but it is not easy to leave the place you were raised, and why should you, and grew up in even if the governments would  let you.  There is no easy answers but as a world we must find them.worlds

I am happy that I work in an industry that exists in every country with every nationality and that I can count as my friends a diversified group. I am not saying this to be boastful but to tell you how blessed I am.

To deal with the issues in this world we must be ready to understand all information and look for it and research  it because we know that we only get biased coverage from our news sources. We should be ready to put aside differences and change to allow for inclusion of different ideas.

In the world of gems the industry is going through these changes.  What is allowed to be done to gems, do we accept synthetic diamonds, what treatments are to be accepted? Things are always changing and we have to adapt to the changes. An open mind must20160120_114924 be kept. Maybe governments and people should do the same for their conflicts!

When we talk about synthetic gems, I often hear people say that it is more environmentally friendly than mining but have they researched all the facets of creating gems?  Have they looked into the chemicals, as both natural and synthetic are created by chemical combination, that are needed to create the synthetic stones, what about the electricity and power sources. No we don’t need to dig up the earth quite as much (sometimes) but if mining is done in an ethical way with a plan ahead of time for replacing the earth, it need not be as horrific as people think. I am not saying one is better than the other but just want to encourage people do their research.

These are just a few of my thoughts as the old year comes to an end.  I wish for you and your families much love and may you find peace.  May we all find peace, joy in 2017. 2017

As I cannot hug each of you in person, I send hugs, prayers and best wishes into the air and may you receive them.

I hope to see you again or meet you for the first time in 2017



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