Emeralds-as part of Famous gems

Emerald-that beautiful velvety green member of the beryl family has the ability to lure us with its colour.  It brings us into it.  It may have flaws/inclusions but they are just a part of its lure.

chalkemerald A famous emerald is in the Chalk Emerald Ring which was donated to the Smithsonian in 1972 by Mr and Mrs O. Roy Chalk.  This Emerald started its life in one of the famous mines out of Columbia and was taken to Europe by the Spanish Conquistadors. The European royalty loved these emeralds and wanted more so the conquistadors continued to bring them.

Eventually there were so many emeralds that the Europeans were trading them into the Middle East and India.  The Mogul Rulers also loved these stones.  The Mogul rulers encouraged a vast cutting and jewellery industry creating incredible pieces of jewellery from these gems.  Many of these finished pieces found their way back to Europe.

The legend of the Chalk Emerald is that it was once part of a necklace that belonged to a Maharani of the Former state of Baroda, India. At this time it was 38.4 carat Emerald but then Harry Winston Inc got it and recut to 37.8 square cut.

Harry Winston Inc then took it and set it into a platinum and gold ring and surrounded it with 60 pear shape diamonds that weighed a total of  15carats. If only this emerald could talk.  Think of the journey this emerald has had and the travels

The-Chalk-Emerald-Ring-2has been on.

Emeralds are naturally included but to a gemmologist those

inclusions can tell us a story of where it was formed. Although the Emerald is a relatively hard gem it is a brittle gem and therefore you must be careful not to hit them or shock them with extreme temperature changes as this could damage them.

Enjoy the allure of the emerald. Let yourself be drawn into the hidden depths of the colour.


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