Pearls, Moonstone or Alexandrite-Pick your favourite

If you are a June baby you are very lucky in that you have not 1 but 3 choices for your birthstone.  How lucky are you!

The  more traditional is the pearl and in itself there are a huge variety of options within the pearl family. We have freshwater, saltwater, Tahitian,  South Sea, black, brown, white, golden, with overtones and etcpearlspg

Pearls are these wondrous organic gems that have been used as part of personal adornment for centuries. Their soft lustre  might  be what you want to add warmth to your look or maybe the metallic lustre that we now see is more your style.

Pearls must be looked after in order for them to last-don’t spray perfume after you put  them on but before you wear them to stop them from being damaged by the spray.  When you wear them, make sure you wipe them off when you take them off. They are very soft and can be damaged easily so not the best thing for everyday wear. These are just a few tips for you.

But you ask what about a story about Pearl. This story is  about the La Peregrina Pearl! The history of this pearl spans about 500 years from the African slave that found it to European royalty to Hollywood Royalty in the person of Elizabeth Taylor.  The name “La Peregrina” means the wanderer and was given to this pearl around 1808 when Napoleon Bonaparte’s brother Joseph ( who was king of Spain) took it with him when he exiled to England.                                                .

From there the story goes that it was sold to the Hamilton family ( there was a Duke and a Marquess in there) and while in their possession it literally fell out of its necklace setting twice,  in aWindsor Castle sofa and Buckingham Palace, both times recovered.  When you think about the properties of this pearl, a perfect pear shape of 223.8 grains or 55.95 carats it is understandable why it might be heavy and fall out of settings.  So the pearl was drilled and cleaned to secure it into its setting and the weight decreased to 203.84 grains                                .

lizandperegrina    Now the Hamilton family sold the pearl through Sotheby ‘s auction in 1969, where Richard Burton bought it as a valentine gift for his wife  Elizabeth Taylor for $37,000. Taylor had the necklace redesigned by Cartier where it was put with pearls, diamonds and rubies.  The La Peregrina sold as part of the Taylor jewellery collection in 2011 on the Cartier necklace for $11 million.

So whether you decide to wear a pearl, moonstone or alexandrite remember the story that your gem could tell you  or the story  you can create when you wear it.  Enjoy your jewellery and the stories that go along with it.

till next time







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