Finding Passion-gems and jewellery!

Have you ever found yourself at a cross road in your life?  You wonder if what you are doing is worthwhile, needed, or productive?  You wonder if you wouldn’t be better to just go work for someone else and let your dreams and goals go. You are torn between what you would like life to be like and what your life is-not that your life is bad, but you are not where you thought you would be at this

What do you do?  Decide what is important in your life and is it still worth pursuing.  Do you still enjoy it or is it just work?  For me this past year has been evaluating where I am and where I want to go.  Will I succeed? I don’t know but I know that I need to try.  My passion for the last 30 years has been gems and jewellery.  I love looking at wonderful designs of jewellery and I love talking and educating about gems and jewellery.

Colorless gemstones
Colorless gemstones

Although I like appraising jewellery, after 3 years of eye problems occurring  yearly it made me relook at what I do.  I still believe in appraising and I love the stories of peoples jewellery.  Oh wait,  I love the stories! How can I combine the two loves -my passion of gems and jewellery and my love  of the stories? I have been educating through the Canadian Gemmological Association for a few years now and in almost all classes I have had someone ask or suggest “why don’t you write a book” .  “The way you talk about gems is unique. It will be helpful when I am selling to remember how you describe items to make it easier to understand”.

No I am not writing a book but I am creating a way of combining my love of educating and gems for the future.  It will be ready to be launched in the the new year.  I hope it will help stores train the staff in such a way that they are infused not only with accurate information but also passion for the product they sell.

What is your passion?  What can you do to stay with your passion?  How can you go forward to your dreams and goals?  It is never too late.  Think about it and  start today.

Oh and look forward to my announcement in February 2018.


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